Networking and Systems Automation and Engineering.

It’s what I do for fun.

100 % accuracy isn’t just possible – it’s absolutely doable











I’m not just a coder, I’m also a process and automation evangelist. It’s my job to make your job easy, and that’s exactly what I do.


Your Goals are My Goals

It’s not enough that your company has a vision and direction. You need people who will adopt that vision and help you achieve what you want.


Improving Methods to Meet Your Goals

To be honest, you’ve been given deliverables and metrics that must be met. How to meet those requirements is not always so  easy to see. Let me help.


Improving Process

It’s all about the process. Do you have one in place? Do you require that it’s followed? Do you have exceptions? Does your process embrace quality assurance as a major metric influence? Does your process insure 100% accuracy, consistency and reliability? And, more importantly, has your process been devolved to the lowest level, freeing up resources and improving margin?


Error Free

Is your process error-free? If not, then you are depriving yourself of both margin and customer satisfaction. Getting to error-free isn’t easy, but it can be done.    Error-Free