That concept is always important.

We should strive for 100% accuracy in all that we do, but in business (as in all things) competing interests arise that must be balanced against this goal. But in the economy that is now developing out of recent world events, it is IMHO, “Error Free” that will help your business stand out from the competitors when customers view our services as “commodities” for the most part (yes, much of IT has become a “commodity” service.)

So, as business slows and our capacity increases due to decreased demand for our commodities, we are faced with a choice (assuming that our “capacity” is the same; that we haven’t decreased it through layoffs) between allowing ourselves to waste that extra capacity on nothing, or devoting it towards improving our product. Assuming we chose to improve our product as a method to differentiate ourselves from the other “commodity” producers, I suggest that “Error Free” (as it should already be a stated goal) might be the easiest improvement to implement.

Now, how can you implement this idea of “Error Free” in production?

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